FrostWEB Privacy Policy covers the following issues: 

The legal entity representing the label frostWEB,
Collection and processing of information from users of our website,
The use of cookies on our website,
Access to and updating your information.
Privacy policy compliance.
In frostWEB we value the privacy of our customers and visitors, so we implemented the necessary precautions to protect personal data. If you have any additional questions about your personal and business data, which are not covered by this document, please contact us. These rules apply to each frostWEB page, also listings on local promotional webpages, blogs and the like.

This Privacy Policy was last modified on 1 June 2013. All future changes will be available on our website under the link “Privacy Policy”.

For all areas, with the exception of the Polish Republic, frostWEB services are carried out by Tesseract UK Limited, registered at Companies House No. 07159150, with registered office at 300 South Row, Milton Keynes MK4 2FR, United Kingdom. For customers in the area of ​​the Republic of Poland, frostWEB services are carried out by Elgraw Przemyslaw Pawelek, located at ul. Towarowa 10, 33-100, Tarnow, Poland.

To expand the reach of our brand to new territories, we can use other local entities to perform our activities. In this case, this policy should be updated to provide an up to date list of our corporation.

All services provided by frostWEB are regulated by the conditions laid down in the framework of our service contracts, as well as local laws. FrostWEB services aresubject to VAT in the European Union.

By using our website, you give the frostWEB company a consent to collect and process the following information about your visit:

Your IP address,
Identifiers software (including software and operating system name and version of the web browser).
Phone number and e-mail address given at registration.
Information about the use of service in the order form.
The information collected by our systems, as well as those in your orders will never be disclosed to third parties. frostWEB reserves the right to exchange information between their legal entities, ie. after completing the form on our local website, your order can be processed by the frostWEB branch from another country.

Our website uses cookies to ensure we implement basic services, including:

Service orders,
Processing customers’ logs
Providing relevant content based on the profile of visitors and their geographical location.
Cookies also use the statistical data. FrostWEB pages will track and store information about your visit in our database. The stored information can only be obtained through the website, which initially sent the cookies. Cookies are stored on your computer, you can disable them via browser settings.

FrostWEB Customers can access and update your personal and business data utilizing logon information that should be given when you activate your account. As part of Caifornia Online Privacy Protection Act and other rules of international law regarding the protection of privacy, customers can benefit from the above mentioned benefits through FrostPANEL available on At this address, you can make changes to your account using the “My Profile”.

This is your legal obligation to give us timely and correct data, which later will be used for billing and invoices. frostWEB reserves the right to carry out verifications to confirm the authenticity of your information.

Our privacy policy complies with the California Online Privacy Protection Act. FrostWEB services and our websites are not directed to children under 13 years of age, and therefore not subject to the regulations of COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).Cookies Our policy is compatible with European Union Directive on the use of Cookies in May 2011.